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These are the most commonly asked questions at Angelic Gardens. Contact us with any questions you still have.

How much is your produce?

We try to keep competitive with local stores. We will often scout out at local stores to make sure we are cheaper. Call or come in for price checks or download the Square Wallet app for a full up to date list of prices. 


We round to the nearest 1/2 pound for items charged per pound.

Are there any fundraising opportunities with Angelic Gardens?

Yes. We would love to work with your group.

Contact us with any ideas you may have or we have a few ideas that we can adjust to fit your group.


Some things we have done in the past:

  • Avon fundraiser--Party or sell items to friends or door to door

  • Fundraiser day-- earn % of profits earned while your group works

  • Work for us --without employment or taxes

  • Halloween at the Gardens-- work as "ghouls", set up, take down, cashier, guides, run games, etc.

  • Raffle for donated items

  • Gourd or pumpkin tossing/chucking

What forms of payment do you accept?

For in store purchases: Check, Cash, Angelic Gardens Square gift cards, and all major credit and debit cards


We do not accept EBT at this time. (But we are workin on it!)

Why would I reserve the Walkthrough Portion of the Gardens?

When you reserve the gardens you are ensuring you have it all yourself. No one will be joining your reunion or getting in the background of your wedding photo. You are welcome to come out and host these functions without reserving, we just find people like the privacy and it makes things a little easier.


When you reserve the gardens you are only reserving the Walkthrough Portion. This means people may still come out to pick from the orchard or the produce garden, pick up orders, drop off alterations etc. but they will not be allowed into the Walkthrough portion of the gardens during the session you have reserved.

Is your produce organic?

Although we use organic and natural practices to grow and tend to our plants and produce, our seeds are not organic certified and therefore we cannot sell our produce as organic. 

What are your hours?

Our hours vary by the season. Check our calender often to see when we are opened next. All other events and activities are posted on our calendar.

What produce do you have?

We offer too much to list! And our selection changes each year depending on what we hear our customers want.

If you would like to make suggestions for future produce to be grown, please contact us or post it on our Facebook page.

What is the cost of admission?

Admission to the gardens during regular business hours is FREE! We encourage you to come out and spend family time together. 


The experince of picking your own pumpkin for carving, tomatoes and herbs for salsa, or strawberries for a picnic is the best part! And how could we put a price on that?

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