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New Apple Press

One of our favorite places in our gardens is the fruit orchard. We have carefully tended the 3 pear, 3 plum, 4 cherry, several chokecherry, juneberries, raspberries, strawberries, sandcherries, and 10 apple trees for over 15 years. Our trees are all a special variety that stay on the smaller side making family picking easy.

Serving warm apple cider has always been a staple at our fall festival and private wagon rides and we enjoy adding this little detail to the memories you keep of crisp autumn days. We wanted to continue to add to the experience and memories and give you a chance to experience the making of our warm fresh cider by adding an apple press to our orchard.

The whole family can try their hand at pressing freshly chopped apples and sampling the fresh apple juice that we use to make our warm cider available for sale in our store.

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