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Ticket Giveaway to Fall Kick-Off!

You love free stuff, right? Us too! We want to give you and your family free tickets to our Fall Kick-Off Festival 2016!

So glad we captured your interest enough to continue reading this post. We are going to give away two ticket packages-- 2 sets of 4 tickets that you can redeem either day and for any age!

Getting free tickets is super easy! Here's what you need to do:

Come out to Angelic Gardens during regular business hours to fill out an entry form in our Victorian Shoppe--you can enter once a day! You just need to be 13 years or older to enter.

*If you win, we will need to take a picture of your adorable family at the festival so we can share the fun you had.

Check out the details about the Fall Festival and buy tickets below-- ya know, just in case you don't win; but you can give those tickets to a friend.

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