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Victorian Shoppe Sweet Treats

As we mentioned in our last post earlier this week, we enjoy finding new recipes that will use the produce that is at its peek of ripeness. You can see some of our favorites and some of our plans for these daily specials on our Pinterest Board.

When we find that we have an overabundance of a certain item, we will get creative in the kitchen and make something delicious with it and make it available to purchase in our Victorian Shoppe during our regular business hours.

These daily special items will be different and dependent on the produce available and supplies will be limited so make sure you come out early to get your hands on these unique items you can't get anywhere else. If these is a recipe you want us to try, send it to us an email!

We hope you will enjoy our fresh items on a shady bench in the garden and listen to the birds. See when we are open next on our Hours and Events Page to plan your trip out for a sweet bite!

--See you in the garden

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