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Regular Hours Have Started

We are happy to be out in the sun and dirt once again for the 2017 growing season. Our regular hours have started and you don't have to make an appointment just to stop out and see what is happening in the garden or take a stroll through the Victorian Garden! See our Hours and Events page to plan a date and time to venture out (we even have the weather forecast at the bottom of the page to make your planning even easier!). If these hours do not work for you, you can still make an appointment right on our website in each of the corresponding Services pages. (July hours are coming!)

Most of our workers, including the owner, must work around the school schedules, and both students and teachers are free for some summer work. As always, there are several changes and additions to be made again this year and things are just starting to get cleaned up and into full swing again.

Much of our produce is in the ground and we hope you will come out to watch the progress of our little plants. Bringing kids along is always a must--they can watch the little plant grow and soon have something really great to pick and eat.

Our little green spouts might not be up just yet, you can still come out to enjoy the blooming plants, sit under a tree and read a book or paint, order Avon, buy discounted jellies, and book an event in our space.

See you in the garden.

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